Monday, September 15, 2008

Resurection of a Pre-war Schwinn Cycle Truck

When I was growing up (late 1960s & 1970s) in the Tacony section of Philadelphia, there was a butcher shop around the corner from me, Tony's Meat Market. Tony had 2 blue Schwinn Cycle Trucks for delivering his meats. I wanted to work there just to ride the bikes, but a career at Tony's never materialized. I've wanted a Cycle Truck ever since and for years I watched for an opportunity to get one.

Finally, in 2006 I found one for sale in BAD condition.  The seat was tattered, but all of the metal parts were there. The handlebars are Army surplus with olive drab paint. The handlebar stem (goose neck) is a Schwinn model, but wrong for a Cycle Truck.

The front fender was for some other bike. Someone had painted over the chrome on the rear wheel. Same for the front wheel, but the chrome was pitted and peeling. Most of the chrome on the chainguard, crank and front sprocket had rusted off. It was missing the sign, basket brackets, basket, kick stand, kick stand nuts and head badge. The frame was bent from the seat post back, like a fish tail. These first photos were taken before it was shipped to me.

My Cycle Truck As Found

New Departure Coaster Brake Hub.

The chrome is nearly gone from the chainguard & sprocket.

The seat was in really bad shape.

First coat of Rustoleum Black Metallic paint.

Rustoleum Clear paint applied.

I had to have these front wheel nuts custom machined.

The kick stand rides on the front wheel nuts.

Closeup of the mounting of the Wald basket.

Seat straightened with new padding and cover.

Condition as of 2008

Condition as of 2010
Re-chromed handlebars and a vintage
 flashlight headlight added.

This bike is no trailer queen or museum piece.
It rides around San Antonio, Texas regularly.
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tisme said...

ok, now that we can find you, you need to update!!
Since you are stuck alone in your office all day, no excuses. :)
And just for you, I will get a pic of my mustang posted on my blog.

tisme said...

ok am back and still no word from you!!! Get your butt on here and update. I think your brain must be in blueprint hell!! And as Holee says, hey if you make a mistake, who is gonna complain. lol

Dave said...

I was pacing myself. OK, blog updated! Heh heh heh!

shawkl said...

Pacing yourself! What the heck is that?...and you'd better give your mom some of it, cause I think she has forgotten how!! Bike is so cool!! Welcome to blog land.

Kathy (

Dave said...

... and the updating continues ...

pinkpetals said...

Hi Dave:)
PinkButterfly here:)

Geezz I should thanked you so much today. You at once gave an idea on what to do with my son's drafting table...I am gonna use it as a stand and cutting table for my Mom's old sewing Machine..Humm I need to close the resto to keep myself on the go..Ohh i really love you now for giving me this idea..FYI I have so many old stuff that is so useful, that I just got no time to do something out of it..

Too bad my digicam got stolen and I am a crappy when it comes to taking pics from the cp and transferring it to the pc..anyway..I need to learn all these, and then I could send you my pics of the finished products..Thanks so much my friend...Now I've found a consultant here. I would also like to take pictures of my storage and you will see..really loads of recyclable things:)

thanks and I hope you will guide from step 1 till the end...just need to sort out first the resto closure hahah I love this site now:)

scale said...

which model wald basket did you go with here? Is that the 157?